The Dreaded Bunker Shot

When evaluating your bunker play would you say that your goal is to: Get the ball out, Get the ball on, or Get the Ball Close? Most of you are likely thinking of getting the ball out of the bunker and anywhere on the putting surface, but there may be a few of you who are hoping to just get the ball out of the bunker. In my opinion bunker shots may be the easiest shot in golf to have success with consistently.  Every other shot we need to make perfect contact with a golf ball that is 1.68 inches in diameter, but in the bunker our contact point is actually a window of an inch or two behind the ball.  As long as you maintain your speed and acceleration through the shot your impact point doesn’t have to be perfect to get the ball out of the bunker. After watching the following videos and practicing these techniques I’m sure your goal will change and you will have more success from the sand.

Standard Bunker Play

The main point in this video is to keep the leading edge of the club face pointing to the target at all times and to align your body left of the target.  As you lean the handle of the club back you expose the bounce of the club and allow yourself to have more success from the sand.

Buried Lies

Unlike the standard shot, you align yourself square to the target and close the club face.  Doing so will allow a steeper angle of attack into the ball and the friction caused by the club impacting the sand will allow the clubface to open exploding the ball onto the green. 

I hope you enjoyed these tips and if you should have any questions, please feel free to reach out to a me via my contact page!

Author: Joe Merlin, PGA

Joe has been a professional in the golf industry since March 2009 and graduated from California University of Pennsylvania where he studied Professional Golf Management. His creative, unique, and outgoing personality allow him to be truly one of a kind in this industry.

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