Teaching Method

Each student comes with a different mix of ingredients, but most expect me to use the same recipe for success. WHY? I like to be viewed as a chef with a cook book who creates something special by utilizing the unique qualities of each set of ingredients I’m given to work with.

~Joe Merlin~

The title of this page may be alarming to some people who understand that in today’s game of golf there are many teachers who have one teaching method. Most people think that means the teacher will try to make the same adjustments to their game as they do to everybody else’s. This also brings in the idea that there is one golf swing that is correct for everybody. My teaching methods may be as far from all of that as possible. You, as a student, will come to me with a preconceived idea of a golf swing that you have seen on television, the internet, and/or magazines. This idea begins in your brain and it’s almost like you have a video on replay of what you think your golf swing looks like.  Quite often the actual swing you make and the video in your brain are quite different. My job as an instructor is to assess your game and help you understand why your golf swing doesn’t quite feel like what your envisioning.  I will help you develop your weaknesses into a strength as well as making your strengths even stronger.  I do not believe there is one method to doing so.  I believe that your body type, physical attributes, and the preconceived ideas that you have will dictate the types of changes we will make. This process is similar to an editor making subtle changes to his video to help create perfection.  I will reshape the images in your brain, as well as help you feel what those images actually feel like,  instead of what you think they feel like.  Let’s be honest, you’re likely reading this thinking to yourself, what do I see?  If your anything like me, the swing you see likely has bits and pieces of your favorite PGA Tour players. If not, that’s ok, we will work together on creating the video as we move towards success.

If you come to me looking for a quick band aid fix, I have those just as most instructors do, but I find most often you will leave with new intentions.  I often find that my students leave me with intentions to work on their game much more than they ever thought they could.  I am in this business because of the process of getting better is just so wonderfully rewarding as well as painfully challenging.  It is something I enjoy and know that once you have worked with me, you will enjoy as well!  Please take a look at my blog; and if you like what you see then let’s get started and make this your best golf season yet!